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Handsworth Church

Rev Cuthbert Browne

He came to Handsworth, Sheffield, from Stanton, Norfolk. He was curate of Attercliife and assistant-minister at the Parish Church from 1662 to 1673, afterwards Rector of Handsworth and Treeton.

Cuthbert Browne was also manager of the Duke of Norfolk's Sheffield estates, obtaining that post and discharging its duties in a way that did not gain him much respect. Hunter¹ records an incident in which Dr. Browne, as the Duke of Norfolk's chaplain, was, with one Richard Revel, the Duke's footman, summoned before the House of Lords in connection with a not very creditable plot. It is this association of the names of Browne and Revel which is curious, for, in 1874, one Henry Brown, a provision dealer in Broomspring Lane, descendant of George Brown (the greatgrandson of the Rev. Cuthbert Browne,) laid claim to the Revel estate, Carnfield Hall, Derbyshire. Henry Brown's grandfather, Dr. Cuthbert Browne's son, the Rev. Obadiah Browne, rector of Whiston, married Dorothy Revel in 1691 ; and the allegation was that, the male line of the Revels having died out, the Browns, through the female line, inherited.

Children of Cuthbert Browne:

Joseph Browne, was born in Treeton. He studied at Oxford University where he matriculated in 1689. It is recorded that two of his brothers, John, aged fourteen, and Richmond, aged eighteen, matriculated on the same day. Joseph Browne transferred to Jesus College, Cambridge, where he graduated in 1695.

He practised at one stage, as a physician in Rotherham.

He was twice convicted for libelling Queen Anne's administration. The first of these occasions, when he was fined 40 marks and ordered to stand in the pillory, for the publication of 'The Country Parson's Honest Advice to that judicious and worthy minister of state my lord keeper'. He was described as a charlatan, and a notorious quack. He published many books and pamphlets, which were described as 'amusements of idleness' rather than from the efforts of study. In 1732, Joseph Browne, M.D., published 'Remains' of our author, with a Dedication to John, Earl of Orrery. These were republished, with variations in the title-page, in 1734 and 1739; and all his works were collected, and published in three volumes, to which are prefixed memoirs of his life, by Nichols, in 1776.

Mary Browne m. SAMUEL RANBY 24 NOV 1728 Whiston

Elizabeth Sophia Browne m. THOMAS Jenkin 29 JUN 1733 Whiston. Children »

John Browne m. MARY WRIGHT 13 NOV 1735 Whiston

William Browne m. MARY SMITH 28 MAY 1758 Whiston

Children of Richmond Browne and Dorothy:

Edward Browne m. Ann Scholey 25 AUG 1733 Whiston. Children:

Will of Richmond Browne

Will of Richmond Browne, Gentleman of Morthen, Yorkshire, dated 01 March 1729

Names mentioned

Unto Samuel Gladwin of the Parish of Tupton, North Wingfield, Derbyshire and Edward Revell, clerk of Heath in the County of Derbyshire:
All my estate at ? in the Parish of Aston
All my estate at ?worth in Derby
All my estate at Woodthorpe
All my estate at Kimberworth
All my estate at Wakefield
All my other Estate etc due from my brother Dr. Joseph Browne
dear sister Dorothy Brown, mother of Richmond
Edward Browne
Godson, nephew and namesake, Richmond Brown and now second son of my brother Obadiah Browne of Morthen
Obadiah Browne, son of Obadiah Browne
John Browne, son of Obadiah
daughters of Obadiah Browne

Trustees: Samuel Gladwin and Edward Revell

Witnesses: John Abson, Edmund Brocksopp, Martha Clark

Obadiah Browne

Obadiah Browne of Whiston, clerk, studied at Lincoln College Oxford. He had 2 sons: Henry (of Morthen, clerk) and John (of Warsop, clerk).Died between 1755-9

Rev. Obadiah Browne married Dorothy Revel daughter of Francis Revel and Dorothy Wilmot. (MS 174)

Will of Obadiah Browne of Whiston

Date: 7 Jul 1735

All title in capital messuage in Morthen, Whiston in own occupation, 94 acres of arable, meadow and pasture to sons Henry of Morthen, clerk and John of Warsop, clerk, to discharge legacies. (listed) Reference: DD/H/48/1

Bond 420, 4 Oct 1739. John and Henry Browne Marmaduke Carver of Chester Recites the will, of Obadiah Browne and that Marmaduke Carver has purchased Morthen estate. To pay legacies under Will from purchase price.
Deed to create tenant to precipe To pay legacies under Will from purchase price. Reference: DD/H/48/2

Note:A certificate dated 14 September, 1699 records: Obadiah Browne, rector of Whiston in the deanery of Doncaster, that Edward Revell BA (brother of Robert Revell of Carnfield )late of St Mary Magdalen Hall, Oxford, has served him as curate for one year. Edward Revell was in 1702, presented to the living of Heath on the death of Jonathan Twigg.

Reference: 1 Sheffield in the Eighteenth Century, Robert Eadon Leader


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